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What’s Bride Price Got To Do With #StartupSouth

Bride Price App

Seriously, What’s Bride Price Got To Do With #StartupSouth?
In May 2014, Editi Effiong and his team at Anakle released the Bride Price App and BOOM! the app went viral and was featured in several local and foreign news outlets including CNN and The Guardian

Bride Price

This is a quote from CNN’s article about the app

“Bride Price,” which was developed by Lagos-based digital agency Anakle, has had two million views since its release on May 25, the vast majority of which came from women. People from over 180 countries have used the app, according to the company, with Nigeria, the United States and the UK generating the most traffic.

Captured in the quote above from CNN’s article is exactly what Editi and his team of Digital Army set out to achieve. So while people were laughing and sharing, Editi positioned Anakle (his new company) as Nigeria’s foremost Digital Agency and promptly started working on projects for some of Nigeria’s biggest Corporations and Government Agencies.

In case you still don’t get what they did, they simply leveraged the Bride App virality to market Anakle thereby saving them Millions of Dollars they probably didn’t have as a Startup.

You too can achieve similar result for your Startup.

Editi Effiong joins us for #StartupSouth come November 10, 2016 and I will be digging deep to help you learn from him about that kind of strategy and other things.

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