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What Does Web Hosting Mean?

What does Web Hosting mean

What is Web Hosting? For most non-geeks, tech words often sound like greek. While you do not necessarily need to understand all of them, you should pay attention to the ones that matter.

Ahmad Mukoshy is the founder of Gigalayer.com – a web hosting service provider in Nigeria. In the video below he explains web hosting in the simplest of terms. He also explains their services and provides tips for businesses looking to host their website for the first time.

We will summarize Web Hosting like this: A website is your Store/House (where you display your goods). It has an address (like www.yourbizname.com – just like your house address) through which any visitor online can locate it. A web host is like the estate agent who either sells you the land (dedicated Server – and sometimes manages it for you) or gives you a space within an estate for you to locate your shop – you pay him rent annually.

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