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Why Ventures Platform Visit To Port Harcourt & Enugu Matter?

ventures platform visit to Enugu

I don’t know if this post is a good idea or not. I do know that some perspectives need to be cast for some people to understand this Ventures Platform visit. What does Ventures Platform visit to the South-South & South-East mean to the people – especially tech and startup faithfuls here?

First Ever Visit By A Major Nigerian Accelerator

The Ventures Platform visit means so much for the tech community in the South-South and South-East. For starters, it marks the first time a major accelerator is visiting the region in search of ideas/talents. The success of this will yield more results including sending a strong message that there is indeed a strong and vibrant Tech Ecosystem in the regions.

Ventures Platform Is Arguably Nigeria’s Best Accelerator

Ventures Platform is arguably Nigeria’s best Accelerator/Incubator. They are on course to replicate the YC experience in Africa and should be supported. This tour is to help them find their next set of Innovative Startups. The meetup will provide an opportunity for Early Stage Investors and Founders in the South-South and South-East to network and learn from each other. Founders will understand what Investors like Venture Platform look for in potential Portfolio company. Use this link

ventures platform visit to Port Harcourt

Encouraging Competition and Innovation

It counts for much that they are not interested in trying to maintain the uni-directional nature of investment flow into the Nigeria Startup Ecosystem. The visit supports our view that innovation can thrive anywhere if supported. Nigeria’s different regions must be allowed to compete against each other while developing in areas of their comparative advantages.

Building the Next Generation of Founders

Meetups are holding inside school environments to inspire students into real-world innovators and expose them to how idea funding works. If you are a Startup Founder in the South-South or South-East, locate the location nearest to you and register.

If you are working an innovative startup and would like to have a One-to-One meeting with the team before the event in the evening, please go here (For Port Harcourt) or go here (for Enugu) to register.

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