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Think Like an Entrepreneur, Act Like a CEO; Book Review


These days, you need more than education and experience to be successful at work. As organizations across the globe increasingly adopt digital transformation, traditional job roles continues to evolve. Companies now need their people to win in a very competitive globalized world. Beyond loyalty, employees now need adaptability and resilience more to survive. You are now required to think like the CEO or the business owner – become an Intrapreneur. 

In her book, Think Like an Entrepreneur, Act Like a CEO, Beverly E. Jones shares 50 Indispensable Tips to Help You Stay Afloat, Bounce Back, and Get Ahead at Work. Below are some of the top tips in our own words:

Cultivate Ownership Attitude

Since every organisation of any significant size is a collection of smaller operations, there is a need to cultivate the attitude of ownership and act as one running his own enterprise within the organisation. Such ownership attitude ignites a liberating way of thinking that causes one to see himself beyond being an employee who is confined by duties and roles within an organisation. An entrepreneurial thinking empowers one to develop more control at work that gives more directive towards personal and organisational productivity.  A great start in preparing to become an entrepreneur is by first becoming an intrapreneur; an entrepreneur within an organisation.

Understand the Company’s Mission

An entrepreneurial approach to work can be developed by first understanding the company’s mission. This should ensure that the adopted strategies and planned activities must always be within the confinement of the Company’s objective. Secondly as an intrapreneur, one must focus on understanding and satisfying the needs of the customers (which in the case of an employee includes all stakeholders served; Boss, colleagues and business customers and the management). It is also essential to understanding business basics; which is the overall functions that makes the business work. As an entrepreneur within an organisation, it is encouraged to practice failure in order to continuously improve. The decision to maintain a positive mindset comes handy when faced with  difficulties at work.

Listening is Sure-Fire Go-to Strategy

In today’s complex work environment, LISTENING is a key skill that can boost one’s career. It is referred to as a sure fire, go-to-career strategy for greater productivity. Listening skill is needed for all communication process. Listening skills is needed in clarifying and understanding instructions, giving and receiving feedback from one’s superiors, colleagues, subordinates and customers as well. When there is misunderstanding in what is communicated in carrying out the necessary business functions, productivity outcomes will be delayed.

Improve People’s Impression of Your Expertise

To be effective as an intrapreneur, developing a personal brand that improves people’s impression of one’s expertise, work and character is vital.  Once the right values that promotes the company in the right way is demonstrated consistently, then a good reputable personal Brand is developed. Leadership can be built into one’s personal brand by being proactive, positive thinking,  total engagement, collaboration and by staying energetic.

Prioritize the right tasks

During work hours whereby in a typical day one can be tempted to react to whatever seem pressing as the day goes by, learning to prioritize the right tasks according to importance is a vital skill to develop. And these priorities can be measured based on the impact such activity would have on the mission of the company.

To summarize, this book gives insights to how we can find meaning in the work we do, develop the right relationship with co-workers, become proactive with personal development and leadership abilities, develop and maintain positive mindset and other specific things we can apply when faced by some situational occurrences. In a typical career span, responsibilities may differ, roles can change, the industries can be diverse, careers can change but the continuous strive for self development, resilience and adaptability are key drivers to one’s success in the Workplace.