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Tedmore Express Wants To Fix Your Laundry Experience

Tedmore Express wants to Fix Your Laundry Experience

Mr. Voke Emore is the CEO of Tedmore Express – a new Laundromat in D-line, Port Harcourt. He believes that the most ‘time-consuming’ domestic chore is laundry. If you are a couple with young children, you would appreciate how difficult it is to watch over them and attend to your laundry chores without help. We already know how difficult it is to get maids these days.

This led Mr. Voke to found Tedmore Express – a Laundromat in the heart of D/Line Port Harcourt. He wants to change how people in Port Harcourt experience Laundry services and chores in general. A Laundromat is a DIY (do it yourself) washing experience and at about one Thousand Naira (or so) for a basket of roughly Ten Shirts/Trousers(or whatever), Tedmore Express is set to revolutionise that sector for good.

According to Voke, the experience doesn’t stop there. The place is set up for maximum relaxation with food, drink and Game room. If you decide to bring your children or friends with you, they can stay entertained while you sort out your clothes.

They are certainly not the first Laundromat in Nigeria and don’t use commercial grade Washing Machines, but, they are the first to provide food and drink and definitely the first in the entire South-south and South-East.
They couldn’t have come at a better time given the current state of the economy.

How it works? You pay to wash and dry your clothes yourself which takes about 30 to 45 minutes from start to finish with someone even on hand to iron the clothes once done if you please. Plus they offer ‘Pick-off and drop-off’ services too.

Listen to Mr. Voke Emore talk about their business in the video below:

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