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TaskBuddy – Online Domestic Help Platform Launched

takbuddy.ng - a domestic help company launched

In these days of domestic help molesting children or making off with little children for ransom, fewer people are comfortable with live-in domestic helps. This leads to more working parents coming back to filthy homes.

Even the upwardly mobile entrepreneur/business executive has not the time to clean their house or carry out minor repairs. You would agree it can be quite tiring after a hard days work to come back home to start cleaning where you left off. How about finding the right handyman/ artisan to fix stuff around the house? We know what it feels like being at the mercy of artisans.

TaskBuddy.ng – an online domestic help platform just launched. According to their website, they are providing on-demand domestic cleaning and repair services using pre-screened pool of registered helps and artisans. “just think of us as gnomes – you can call on us for any and every domestic help. We do all the work, you live life. We offer cleaning, plumbing, electrical, handymen services and general help. General help simply means we are available to help with any task you would rather not do like gardening, going on errands, picking up a package and many more.” – says Agbona Igwemoh, co-founder of Taskbuddy.

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For as low as five thousand naira (N5,000) – we don’t know yet if it’s per month or per clean – TaskBuddy will have your home sparkling. You can either log on to their website and create a task and in 3 hours or less – they claim- a taskbuddy crew will show up to do your bidding.

You can also contact them on their Facebook page or call a service number listed on their website and your task will be booked. Their service is 100% money back guaranteed. The service is only available in Port Harcourt only.

If you ever get to use their service, give us a feedback or a review here.