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Startup+ Conference Lagos 2015 Holds May 1, 2015

Event Synopsis:
Startup conference is a timely intervention offering startup entrepreneurs the power to put the odds for survival, success, and sustainability in their favor. austere business climates and fast-paced trends of the global business scene pose capital limitations to startups and are lethal threats to their survival and flourishing. Startup+ conference seeks to power startups for growth and flourishing regardless of the environmental limitations and threats.

Startup conference lagos seeks to empower participants with practical wisdom for dynamic results by engaging conference themes in a strategic approach. the upcoming conference is focused on startup finance—not on raising capital (the traditional theme) but on generating revenue. the sessions in startup+ conference lagos 2015 will take a radical dive into what it takes for startups to generate revenue sustainably—cashflow.

Event Details:
When: Start: Friday, May 01 2015 10:00 AM  End: Friday, May 01 2015  2:30 PM
Where: Protea Hotel, Lagos
Ticket Information:  No ticket for this event here