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Can You Be A Social Sales Person?

Social Sales Person

A sales person usually generate leads from research and then cold calling. They get contacts of potential leads, call, set up meets and then sell at those meets. However, times are changing (to our advantage, Lol).

Meet the new job role of the now: Social Selling.

Social Selling is like sales, only done online.

It’s about the same routine- lead generation, prospecting, sales, leveraging your social networks.

It’s a sales job. Just done online. Social Sales persons are not influencers, strategists, content marketers or advertisers, they are hired to sell as an organization would hire sales people.

The HOW:

  • Lead prospecting: Usually done via twitter/ LinkedIn.
  • Engagement: talking to, replying and engaging the prospects (people buy faster from friends).
    Some people have a target to engage 5 – 10 people daily.
  • Thought leadership: Showing thought leadership on your platforms, such that when folks need to make buying decisions of your type of product, they know to reach you.
  • Speaking at Industry related events/ trainings/ seminars.

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Actual Sales Technique:

Same as offline but done on Social.

  • Meet and greet.
  • Warm up and discovery.
  • Key questions (usually 3- don’t probe).
  • Agenda setting.
  • Pitching.
  • Objection Handling.
  • Closing.

Curating, Reporting and Analytics:

This is done exactly as you would do a normal sales report only this time you have better analytics because of Social Media. Measure the new engagements, new leads/prospects and closed sales.

Getting a job as Social Sales person:

Some social selling jobs are done remotely. You can work for companies in the USA or other countries as a social sales person. Most B2B companies hire social sales persons remotely.

In Nigeria however, and around Africa, we are yet to have defined Digital Media Marketing roles.

Job roles are usually “Social Media Manager” which is basically someone who discovers, writes & curates content, post on Social, different platforms, do Ads, analytics, reporting, graphics designs, strategy, campaigns and general gbogbonise.

However, a Social Sales person is a unique niche, requiring special sales talents and skills, as a large percent of your social media content is dedicated to selling and engaging & the rest of the time just being a normal human being that people learn to trust.

Can you be a social sales person?

Are you friendly and engaging?

Can you sell B2B and B2C?

Are you a sweet talker?

Ized Uanikhehi