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How To Connect And Sell To Strangers You Have Never Met Before

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How to connect and sell to strangers you have never met before must feel like a very arduous task. As founders, we are constantly meeting new people to whom we must market, sell or communicate to – our products and/or services. Sadly, a lot of people miss these opportunities. Selling is one of the most important skills a founder should have.

Meeting at Abuja International Airport

Recently, at the airport in Abuja (on my way back from #UKWestAfricaArts by, I ran into two ladies, a Nigerian and an Indian. I observed as they complemented each other’s clothes. Both wore Nigerian styled clothes. You can tell they didn’t know themselves before, but, the compliments were so genuine you can feel the pure affection from a distance. They ended up exchanging numbers and said goodbyes. It was indeed a super networking exercise that just happened before my eyes. I’m still replaying the episode in mind to see what I could learn from it.

Selling Relies on Interest

The first thing that comes out so strong is interest. Connecting with people happens so fast and easily if you can establish an interest. Neither of them sold anything, but, selling something in the future to each other won’t be difficult.

The same thing happens in digital marketing. It doesn’t matter what you sell, your number one job is to find people with interest. A lot of people fail because they spread themselves too wide trying to target so many people without any idea what their target audience is interested in.

One way to aggregate people with the same interest is the use of Facebook group. Aggregate them and share content they cherish without being ‘salesy’. You will end up building an army of brand loyals who would not just buy from you but will help you spread the word about your brand and products.

This is what make platforms like The Assembly (on Instagram) and
Dakar Lives very huge.

Show you care and Be Yourself

The other thing I observed was that the ladies genuinely showed they cared without telling lies. They were themselves to each other and I could tell standing a few meters from them as an observer. Brands try to be all things to everyone. You don’t have to be. As a founder, everyone can’t be your client. Discover who they are by staying true to yourself and objectives.

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