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7 Steps To Convert Your Twitter Followers To Customers

A lot of digital business people do the most to acquire twitter followers but it ends there for them.

Ask yourself this question.

What exactly is the purpose of acquiring followers if it does not translate into more sales or at least traffic on your blog?

Look at Nancy for instance; 10,000 followers on Twitter alone and less than 1% sales conversion.

While on the other hand, we have Amina; barely 2,000 followers on Twitter with about 30% conversion rate.

Let’s take a look at what Amina is doing right and what Nancy isn’t.

Know your followers:

Take some time to study your followers, what they are into and what they need. Study their tweets, likes and if possible bios (be the ultimate stalker like Amina).

Lucky for us today, social media analytics makes also it so much easire for us to determine the demographics of our followers. This will go a long way to help you define who your customers are.

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Serve Your Followers:

It doesn’t stop at knowing your customers. You need to use the information you get to serve them.

It can be tempting to promote your business at every turn, especially when your social media numbers grow. But No, Don’t be like Nancy. Serve your followers with interacting, engaging content that is relevant to them, Give aways and Tips.

Personalize Your Contact Messages:

Don’t just retweet, and use automated replies and direct messages. Take some time and try to initiate personalised contact with your followers.

Follow up and send your new follower a personalized message that includes a simple, low-commitment, call to action. Start the message by mentioning something about your follower that interests you.  Make it specific, and make it about them, not you!

Promote Your Best Content:

Use Twitter analytics to determine which tweets are top performers; these are the ones you should share with an expanded audience beyond your standard followers.

Simply click on a Tweet you’d like to promote, select the bar graph icon, and then click the “Promote your Tweet”. Select a geo-target location, then select your max spend and confirm. That’s it!

Generate Exclusive Deals For Your Followers:

Make them feel special. Excusive deals for followers will keep them coming back, again and again. These deals don’t have to be complicated, rather keep them simple and fun.

Jump On Sales Opportunities In Real Time:

8 out of 10 consumers do research online before making a buying decision, and many post questions or discuss potential products via Twitter.

Use listening tools to monitor everything that’s being said about your brand and competitors online, keep tabs on the conversation and you won’t miss out on conversion opportunities.

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Encourage Testimonies:

Take note of the positive things customers and clients say about you, your business and products. Retweet them and appreciate them. Encourage more customers to talk about your products too.

Sharing testimonials further reminds followers about the products and services you offer.  However, more than that, it proves that others have found your services or products to be valuable.


Look at Amina.

Amina knows the importance of social media to her business.

Amina followers all the steps above to convert her followers to customers.

Amina is Smart.

Be like Amina.