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Port Harcourt Techosystem braces up for Hackmabiri


Developers, Programmers and the general tech public in Port Harcourt are about now getting ready for #HackMabiri. #HackMabiri is the theme for Bubble Hub’s 2017 Hackathon in collaboration with TECH Port Harcourt, ShabTech Innovations, Chigisoft Ltd and Mabiri (an e-commerce company designed to enable shoppers buy products from nearby retailers in a fast and convenient way).

Winners of #HackMabiri will go home with N100,000 as well as a 1 month free desk at The Bubble Co-Working.
At #HackMabiri, tech enthusiasts, programmers and talents in design development would come together to create new and innovative solutions and improvements to the Mabiri interface and operations in Port Harcourt’s biggest Hackathon project.

What is a Hackathon Project?

A Hackathon is an event, usually a day (or sometimes up to a week) where programmers, designers and User experience experts and amateurs come together to create a solution around an advertised problem.

#HackMabiri will hold for two days in August (18th and 19th), with an opportunity for the developers to work around the clock till they develop and perfect their solutions. At the end of the event, there would be a session attended by the Mabiri partners and the hosts in Tech Port Harcourt to decide on the best solutions and judge who wins the prize.

#HackMabiri is an opportunity to meet with Port Harcourt techprenuers, enthusiasts and developers. Mabiri promises to transform shopping in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, providing access to never before accessible goods and services, with a revolutionary shopping formula managed by artificial intelligence.

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