manu - passsion is not enough

Hello guys, my friend, Ogbogu Chinonso posted something about a recent rants on Twitter where a popular Nigerian bank used its official Twitter handle to throw Shades and banters at a British Premier league club that returned to a certain position they never wished.

It generated a lot of rants, different perceptions and arguments as well. I saw the comments of great folks. The comments got me interested as I also read through the sea of insights from other contributors.

There were views questioning why a big commercial bank should be engaged in such bantters. Some said it was wrong and some of course were like “It is just a tweet and about football”. More views showed their grouse and displeasure, saying it was even “More wrong” as the bank is perceived or known to be a part sponsor of a rival football club in the same league.

What is in mixing business with pleasure?

Why can’t I show my love for a belief, sports, brands, political party, affiliation or alignments in business? Is it wrong or out of order or some people just take things too far? What direct or indirect impact can this show of passion and affection for things have on our businesses?

Okay, let us review something here. You can deduce, make a decision and conclusion on what I have to say here.

Let me share my story or experience.

I was going for a “big business” meeting with a very “big potential” client. I wore the best of my suits and straight pants. I had on the pervious day attended a meeting with some socialites, which was about sports and sports marketing.

I had my lapel and pin badge on the suit. It was a very costly and beautiful sourvnier from Manchester United.
As I got out of the lift, I walked through the lounge and then I saw something as I waited for the man.

He had his pantry and a section of waiting place decorated with “London Bridge” and something like “The blues”.
Something in me was like, mtcheeeeeeeeeeew yeye club and yeye supporters.!!!

While putting up “thinking cap” and reciting abi na practicing my “pitching and unique selling points” , I looked at my chest and I saw “Manchester United” all over it.

I quickly removed it and “rearranged” myself. As the man came in, he was very apologetic. Looking dejected and worn out. But in his senses.

He said, “hey bro, am sorry to have kept you. Yesterday was terrible. This nonsense Man U beat us”. I couldn’t eat and I lost about 2m. I would not have come to office, if not for you”

I started “skalabashing, roboshinaking and bababababababbabababba, bobobobibobobobobo…I mean I started speaking in tongues. Lord let this man not ask, “Which club do you support”?

But he did. “So, which club do you support?” “Me? Umm, me, noo nooo oooo.”
I said “oga you know me I am just a ‘passer-by’ ooo”. When there is power I watch , when there is no power,  I just stay. Am more focused on how my business can make people earn better money and profit, I added.

After a “small discussion”, he called for his PA and asked for a bottle of beer. That was brought in. He took a glass. After the “gulp” he asked me to remind him what I can do again? I did. Told him the fees quoted after he prompted for it. Where is the invoice? Here sir I said.

Looked at it and he said ok. Took a pen from a golden pen holder, slashed the fee by 20% (how he did that, I don’t know). See the accountant. He said.

In my head…”Oh my…this 80% was cool, I swear.”

As I was about to say thank you sir, he slept off on the very expensive executive swivel chair. Sir, Sir, sir, … He had slept off!

I couldn’t say thank you again to his face. I packed my old phones, took my tablet and gently walked out of the door. “Hello, am done with oga, but he is resting.” I told the PA. She smiled. I left. With my approved invoice!!

Wait, was I wrong to “deny” my dear Manchester United? My #OneUnited #RedArmy Glory glory Man United.
Was I wrong guys? I was thinking if my passion is not followed and backed with wisdom and knowledge of ENVIRONMENTAL SCANNING, understanding of STAKEHOLDERS, STAKEHOLDERS’ Interests, etc, may be I would not be here to write this. Just thinking!!!

Anyway, for your information, I am a “Man U” FAN! Trust me. #AmNotNegative

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Tunde Bello
'Tunde Bello is a Chartered Accountant and practices Financial, Tax and Business Management Consulting. Sets up his first business TEMBELL BUSINESS CONCEPTS in 2000. He is the Lead/CEO at Alexander Stephen IQ (Accountants, Tax & Business Management Consultants). He is the Executive Partner at Foluso Awonogun& Co. a firm of Chartered Accountants. Tunde is the CEO/Director at Corporate PH6 Ltd; a company set up for Consulting, Management, Marketing and Promotions in MEDIA and SPORTS. He is married to Emem Bello, his co-Founder/CEO at Priscilla & Aquila (Events, Fashions, Personal Development & Communications firm). He is a part time lecturer in many institutions and a director of programmes in the Alexander Stephen IQ's #TheAlternativeSchool ( SME Business school for Professional, Personal and Business Development) in PH City