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Recession: Are We Losing An Opportunity And A Generation?

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I had a post on my Facebook wall and it generated/still generating a lot of Likes and Shares. However, I’m not sure the message is as impactful as I would want it yet. Though a lot of people identified with the message – I believe a call to action was missing. Nothing from me to either suggest what people should do neither did I encourage the crowdsourcing of such ideas.

Like a lot of people pointed out in the comments – we can’t discount the main reason(s) for the choices people make. To tell someone not to do something is not enough, you must also tell the person what to do. The alternative opportunity must also be as rewarding as the one you are trying to discourage.

As I wrote this, I remembered that at the onset of the Recession, we started a project identifying recession-proof businesses. Somehow we didn’t continue.

I lay no claims to being an “All-Knowing” being and therefore can’t claim to know all the answers. I will give this some thoughts and hopefully publish them here but in the meanwhile, feel free to suggest what you think an alternative opportunity should be in the comments.

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For the benefits of those who didn’t read the first article, I have reproduced it below:

I will talk about MMM for the last time. I have come not to condemn anyone – just a perspective that I thought about Seriously.

Nigeria through MMM just lost an opportunity to raise an industrious generation that would have made her great. The recession was the catalyst we needed but I am afraid we’ve lost it and will hardly ever get it again.

One of the arguments I have heard repeatedly is that people are using it to raise seed capital for their business. People who make this argument don’t understand how the spirit of money works.

It takes a lot of training and discipline to make and stick to the right decisions in the presence of ‘abundance’ of money. My point is, if you can’t start a business with little money, you can’t grow it with plenty.

This is the reason investors trust founders with a successful exit under their belt with more money (even in early stage) than rookies.

I’m not insinuating that everyone in it are new to money. We know however that a majority of the people making this lazy money don’t know jack about productivity.

I’m praying we get this. This post is way beyond MMM. I truly pray we get it.

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