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Online Crisis Management

Online Crisi Manangement

Last week I discussed “Social Selling” as a job.
Today let’s talk about Online Crisis Manager.

This person is preferably one with Branding and PR skills. (Otherwise, hire 2 people to fit this role).

However, let’s outline the steps in Online Crisis Management.

Scenario: Your company account or MD’s account mistakenly posts porn.

Immediate steps:

An online Crisis manager already has alerts set up for the company name, they are informed immediately when the company’s name is mentioned anywhere online, so they immediately start to receive these negative alerts.

  1. Delete Post: Screenshot to own it later if need be, but delete the post.
  2. Observation and Diagnosis: Search keywords – ” xxxx company posts porn” and gather your reports based on where the tweets are coming from and from whom.
  3. Search Engine Wipeout: If you have the funds- And you need the funds, there are hackers (called Ethical hackers) whose job it is to remove your faux pas from the internet and their apps that do search engine wipeout.
    Please note that these apps are illegal, so they constantly change their names, they are incredibly effective though. (The paid versions are always better, and faster but some offer free services).
  4. Keyword planning: Phase 2 is important for this stage, based on your research, you plan your keywords for stage 5.
  5. Content Strategy:

Step 1- Create content that is a counter discussion on the subject.
E.g. publish a story on pornography (that is positive). E.g. the article could be about the rising porn industry.

Step 2- Skew your headlines to reflect your keyword research. e.g. the headline should be like “18+ and Porn dollars”

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Step 3- Amplification of your story using influencers.
Your influencers are to use keywords that were used in the initial goof conversations. So say influencers previously used company name and porn in the posts, you are to use same in the new posts. e.g. “I don tire sef, I think say na porn this xxxx company post, lol, good read though”

Step 4- Drowning.
Use influencers that have more klout (check klout dot com for more info) than the influencers you researched in phase 2.

Final important phase: Have a PR person on hand to prepare a press release.
(I am not a brand person, I don’t know how this works).


Note: Devs. Please plug into Google alerts API, create an app that automatically separates negative alerts from neutral and positives.

Plus immediately says when people with high social influence are tweeting/posting our keywords. So we won’t die monitoring every single alert.

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