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Nortify Wants To Automate Admission Process For Private & Public Schools

Nortify is a cloud and computer based test platform for private and public schools.
Joint Admission and Matriculation Board for the first time in their history conducted a 100% Computer Based Test (CBT) examination for all candidates in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME).

It’s debatable how successful that exercise was – but we know that some people protested and some even asked for an outright cancellation of the entire exercise and a return back to the paper-based test (PBT) the body and candidates were used to.

No matter the outcome and subsequent direction of JAMB in the future, one thing is sure – they have succeeded in planting a seed in the hearts of school administrators and entrepreneurs who are eager to exploit the positive sides (if any) of CBT as far as the admission processes of their schools are concerned.

One of such company and product is by Trisat Communication. A cloud based hybrid (offline/online) CBT system, Nortify’s target is to completely automate the entire admission processes of schools starting from entrance examinations while helping to take CBT to the grassroots.

If they succeed, they would have helped entrench the culture and help dispel the misgivings some people harbour towards the technology at National exams level.

Nortify, he said makes it possible for Schools to set exams at any level, provide a set of instructions on how the system should handle the outcome, score candidates instantly as well issue admission letter to the successful candidates on the spot (if they so wished).

Abiola is excited about the number of adoption they’ve seen since Alpha launch in 2014 and look forward to more patronage from the academic community.

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