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#GritSeries: My First Store Was A Bike – Gifty’s Daugther Funke

Gifty's Daughters' Lago Shop

Gifty’s Daugther, currently has about four stores spread across Lagos. (2 stores in Lekki and Ikeja), Abuja and Port Harcourt and getting ready to launch an online store. They recently unveiled their own range of cosmetic products called Blot. With this level of success, you’d be forgiven to think they started out with several million as capital but in this video – the first clip off her #GritSeries Interview – Funke Tonye-Preghafi reveals how a bike was her first shop.

An accountant by profession, Funke gave up the prestige and societal recognition of accountancy for cosmetics and makeup – when it was so weird to do so. Ignoring protests from her parents and family, she simply moved to explore a niche market she had just discovered – personalized beauty service.

Starting out in 2005, with no formal training at the time, she would go from place to place making sales and showing clients which products better suited their needs from the top of a bike. Referrals soon built up her clientele base and after attending a beauty school in South Africa, she incorporated the business in 2006.
Broke but determined. She rented a shop and couldn’t pay the Four Thousand Naira rent having to pay it in installments.

This is the first part of the Funke Tonye-Praghafi’s story on #GritSeries. Stay tuned for the subsequent parts.

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