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Is MegaCab Services & Logistics The Uber of Port Harcourt without The Sophistication?

MegaCab Services Uses Mostly Toyota Camry

Is MegaCab Services & Logistics The Uber of Port Harcourt without The Sophistication?

A few weeks ago, I saw an AD post in one of the Startup Groups I really care about on Facebook. Pick up and Drop Off Anywhere in Port Harcourt with an AC Car and Free WiFi for N500? At the peak of the fuel crisis? This must be a joke or scam of the century – but then again, the AD said it was an introductory promo price for a new Cab service in Port Harcourt.

Interesting! I quickly reached out to the AD poster to understand the offering. His response coincided with my trip to Lagos and they offered to come pick me from the airport on my way back. I met Mr. Ben Akpan of MegaCab Services & Logistics Limited at their office on Abacha Road, GRA, Phase 2.

The following is a brief account of my experience:


I can’t say if this is how they respond every time to ride requests from passengers (or this was specially arranged to impress me) but, this driver was exactly prompt. All I did was to tell them when I boarded the flight and as soon as I touched down, I called the driver’s number and he was already at the Airport.

I understand they have their cabs stationed at major spots around the city to make it easier for them to respond promptly. The only issue I see is the availability of Cars. Originally started with a fleet of Six Cars which they have increased (to a number they are not willing to disclose yet) and are continuing to increase.

UnBranded & Clean

The fact that the Cars are unbranded and I must add very neat means you can use them for any occasion – especially business engagements. The car that picked me was a Toyota Camry and it appears that’s the type of cars they used.

Flexible Request & Payment Plans

They have both drops and hourly plans. You can either use their app, request on their website or call their numbers. Like I mentioned, the price in the AD was introductory and has ended but like Ben mentioned in the video below, their price is similar to what you get from regular public taxi cab operators with the added services that include Air Conditioned, WiFi, Security (All their cars have Geo-Fenced Tracking Devices Installed), Efficiency and more.

Picture stepping out of your house to hail a taxi on the street, you board and discover that it has Air Conditioned and the driver tells you – “Sir, we have WiFi onboard” plus you later discover the taxi had a tracking device and monitored from their office. That’s what MegaCab Services is offering only that you hail them using your phone.

The WiFi Works

Honestly, after I left their office, I’ve been thinking – how sustainable is this WiFi offering? Perhaps, I will ask Ben when we meet again – but, this particular WiFi worked.

In the video below, Ben Pitches their service.


It remains to be seen how well they perform over the long haul. Similar businesses (inclduing this and this) have launched in the past but MegaCab Services looks the most promising so far. I think I like their bullish business disposition – let’s see how they perform.

If you have used their service, can you share your experience in the comments below?

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