idea type capital

You Just Need to Learn How to Deploy it.

We started the year with some ideas and goals. One of them is that, by year end we would have created/co-created 5 Startups and SME brands that will be a force in their industry within a short time.

As you may suspect, we are on brand #4. STRUCTURING and executing what were mere ideas in people’s heads, into stable, credible and revenue-generating businesses today across industries.
Usually, the first thing I hear is – I need money.

Before leaving for a clients place today, an irresistibly dressed beautiful lady walked by and I started a conversation with, of course a compliment of her dress. With a smile, she said “thank you, I made it”. The dress was super, I swear.

Curious, I asked her how come you don’t do this professionally, she says, you guessed right – I need CAPITAL na. She quickly reeled everything she would need money for in order to start. I didn’t have time. So we agreed to continue that our gist another day.

A friend had spent one and half years looking for circa N2million CAPITAL for his idea, until he came to me and I showed him how to start with less than 400k. He in fact started with less than N200k. He’s on course now.
Quality counsel is not cheap.

People talk about FEAR, we all have one TYPE. But one that many don’t realize they have is the FEAR of hearing the TRUTH. You have sat down in your world, thought about that IDEA, or the challenge in your existing business, all the things you would need to execute or solve it, and all the things you don’t have, and the “best” thing you think you should do about it, all by yourself.

Chances are, you’re wrong. You’re thinking from your FEAR. Step out of your own way, and access clarity today.

Tochukwu Ezeukwu shared this on his wall and is organising a Startups & SME Growth Masterclass. JULY Diet on Saturday July 29th. Hit him up on his Facebook wall for details.