Over the past few years, growth marketing has helped redefine the concept of marketing. It has changed the way marketers attract new customers and keep their old customers wanting more by removing the boundaries of traditional marketing, allowing for a more engaged customer/clientele and thinking up creative ideas and relentlessly testing them.

Growth marketing adopts the top, middle and bottom funnels unlike traditional marketing which only adopts the top. A growth marketer is not satisfied by a customer being aware and acquiring a product but also in the retention (referral and most of all reacquisition) because growth marketing without retention is not growth.

Acquiring users who will stick around should be the main aim of a growth team.

Analytics and content marketing are a growth marketer’s best friend.

Content has become the Internet’s main profit driver in recent times. Measuring what you put out and seeing what works, what doesn’t and restructuring campaigns to fit the more engaged content.

Analytics help marketers create more personalized and targeted products, messages and customer engagements than ever before. Luckily social media apps like Twitter and Facebook already have analytics embedded in them to help monitor posts. Analytics helps build a customer identity and behavior predicting what they would like and what sort of ads they would engage in.

ChatBots are quite main stream these days thanks to artificial intelligence. On site live chat generate about 4-8x more leads for business but this can be quite difficult to maintain as it requires staff to be live all the time. Many companies can’t afford that.

ChatBots are computer apps designed to simulate intelligent, realistic human conversation. In the past, they used to be quite bad but thanks to advancement in AI and neurolinguistics, chatbots are intelligent enough to take orders and book flights.

Most people live through their phones. Social Media and Email Marketing are more direct ways or reaching of reaching user by using trending topics and catchy email subject to attract attention to a product and drive traffic to websites.

Businesses need to understand growth marketing to increase their revenue and customer retention.

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Nkemka C'merije
Nkemka is a data driven growth strategist passionate about helping businesses develop and maintain a solid online presence. She is the chief business developer for Apptivities Software Solutions.