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#GritSeries: Business Values Worth Embracing – Ojo Akin-Longe

Business Values Worth Embracing - Ojo Akin-LongeBusiness Values Worth Embracing - Ojo Akin-Longe

Doing business can be tough. It’s a nightmare in Nigeria – especially for Small Businesses. What are some of the business values worth embracing for a lasting success? Ojo Akin-Longe, a serial entrepreneur and MD/CEO, T&D Press shares with us on the #GritSeries.

The Business Values

1. Take Risk: Taking Risk is one route to fulfilment.
2. Allow Time: Businesses need time to mature. You’d need to close your eyes to your friends’ big cars and houses. In matured economy, business need at least eight to ten years, but here, you probably need more time. If you give it everything you have, it will come through fine.
3. Build Values Around, Within and Inside the Business: Values are the bolts that will hold your blocks together. Build the right values and you’d stand out. Build the wrong ones and you’d go under.
4. Business Requires Commitment: You’d lose your weekends and socialise less. Realise it’s for a short while and put in the time required. Read WHY CEOS MUST DEVELOP OPPORTUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS
5. Have A Plan: Planning helps you prioritise and organise your resources productively. See An Analysis Of Hotels.Ng 2012 Pitch That Was Sent To Rocket Internet
6. Don’t Be In A Hurry To Partner: Partnership is great, but be careful. Qualify your potential partners and ensure they bring real value and share your values.
7. Build to Compete Globally: The world is getting smaller every day. Why settle for less, when you can be more?
8. Be Bold!: Why live halfway, when you can live full?


There are surprisingly a lot of support system out there. You’d only discover when you venture.

Enjoy the Video:

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