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Friends, Business and Friendship

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We have heard it said times without number not to mix business with friendship, but like most other notions, we rarely examine what is meant by the thought expressed.

One of the greatest blessings I have experienced in business is friendships. Some I knew before my sojourn into business, others are clients turned friends and associates. These are the people in the business world who have kept faith with me even through stormy moments, when I failed to deliver as agreed due to one challenge or the other. They have walked me through the door to various opportunities and resources. With such confidence and belief reposed in me, I knew I had to keep up the fight against mediocrity and excuses in spite of the Nigerian factor.

One of them was greatly disappointed in something I delivered earlier this year and immediately I sensed that he was serious about the complaint, I ensured to correct the mistakes even though I had to lose. When you have such relationships you defend them by all means possible. These friends in business have stood for me and are still standing, so I owe it to them to also not take the relationship for granted and to sincerely apologize when I wrong them and not laugh it away.

So instead of shutting every door of friendship in business in the name of not mixing business with friendship, may be we should ask; who are the friends you are doing business with? Do they have respect for your enterprise? Do they walk the fine lines of right business conduct? And to you; do you respect the enterprise of your friends? Do you help them succeed or do you frustrate their endeavour?

Some friends are enablers in the journey, some are saboteurs. Choose your FRIENDS IN BUSINESS wisely.

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