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The Best Way To Find A Good Technical Co-founder In Africa’s Tech Ecosystem


What’s the best way to find a good technical co-founder in Africa’s Tech ecosystem?

There’s no best way. There are, however, guides and tips and they are universal (not limited to Africa’s Techosystem)

1. Know what you are looking for

The first step is to take a look at your startup and carefully determine what gap exactly needs to be filled. Why do you need a technical co-founder and what kind of person do you need to fill that space? What technical and  Non-technical skills will your start-up need such a person to possess? Are you looking for someone who is familiar with your project or a pair of fresh eyes?

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2. Don’t look for people, be the person they are also looking for:

Many startup founders think, that they have a great idea, they will find a tech co-founder quickly, they will build a product and then magic will happen. Then they will find an investor and build a great startup. Good luck with that.

Keep this in mind, tech people are usually really well-paid, so they don’t have the motivation to join startups (exception: they are co-founders, they believe in the idea, they are pissed off with current situation).

Take a quick look at your business again, Validate your idea and develop it up to the point where it is as irresistible as Jollof rice at a Nigerian Wedding party.

3. Network hard:

You can’t be a “loner” right now. Get out there. Meet people. Talk to people. Your future Co-founder isn’t going to just walk in through the front door, you know? Network hard through;


  • Direct outreach
  • Entrepreneurship meetups
  • Advert Placements

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4. Be genuine:

Honesty is key in business. You need to be genuine when communicating your needs and expectations to your potential co-founder. No hanky panky. Don’t falsify data. You can get in real trouble for that.

5. The best co-founders evolve, they don’t just happen:

A lot of people expect that a technical co-founder will magically have all the solutions to all the problems and bugs they’re dealing with. Lol.

Don’t get me wrong, you can be lucky, but don’t expect that kind of 100% luck. Give your co-founder time to grow and evolve with your project.

Also, it’s okay to grow with your friends as co-founders. A lot of successful companies were founded by friends with absolutely no idea what they are getting into. As long as you are both willing and committed to developing yourselves along with the business, you are on the right track. It might take longer, but you’re the right track.

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6. Bonus:

The best time to look for co-founders is not when you already have a project. I believe you should already have co-founders in life even if you are not founding anything. When an opportunity to co-found something comes up, you generally do a needs assessment and match from your contacts (your co-founders) who fits best.

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