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Facebook Marketing – 6 Powerful Ways to Target Potential Customers With Only $5 – INTERESTS

Facebook marketing - Interests Targeting

So, my friend, today is yet another day. To follow the past editions, click here. Today’s targeting option is, in fact, the best ever. And it is … INTERESTS

What Is Interests?

Facebook users are sometimes fans of hundreds of brands or have dozens of self-described interests (hubbies) and favourite activities. Targeting based on these interests allows you to push ads toward the people most likely to find your products useful. The goal is to only show ads to specific user groups that will not only find it interesting but that will click the ad.

Facebook Interest Targeting

As an Advertiser, you can use as many or as few interests, hobbies and brands into Facebook’s targeting software. Weed out anyone who doesn’t fit in into your criteria.

Here is an example;

You sell wrist-watches and you are looking for a way to sell them.
In order to get buyers, all you have to do is target brands, fashion sites, and interests that have to do with watches.

By doing this, you can increase your sales because you will be targeting people who are already interested in things of this kind of goods.
The more focused your interests are, the smaller your target audience will be. This will help to get your ideal customers to buy what you have to offer.

So the next time you are trying to advertise your business, why not use this feature and see how it would explode your sales? For additional info, check this course

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