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Facebook Marketing: 6 Powerful Ways to Target Potential Customers With $5 – Location Targeting

Facebook Marketing - Location Targeting

So, my friend, it starts with location targeting today. Whether Facebook like it or yes, you will use it to siphon tons of customers for your business. And trust me, I will help you with that. If you missed the intro, go here to see it and then come back.

Let’s not waste time at all. You and I know that Facebook provides a range of targeting options. This is what makes it so cost-effective. If you know how to use the targeting feature very well, it would be very easy to lower your ad budget without hassles. In fact, targeting option with Facebook ads is the most profitable way to advertise your business as of this moment.

Unlike other traditional advertising platforms like TV, Radio, Blogs and the rest of it, on Facebook, you can target people using a variety of factors that can break down the social media site’s billion plus users into small, easy to manage audiences.

Now each of these targeting options on Facebook are diverse, with their own abilities and powers. In this training series, I’m going to highlight six of them starting with LOCATION today.

Location targeting, also known as Geo-targeting, can break down groups of people by city, state, and country. For businesses, like restaurants this targeting option can have dramatic impacts on getting tons of customers.
Here is why it works:

Facebook Marketing: Location Targeting

Facebook Marketing: Location Targeting

First, it allows businesses to use location-specific content that will appeal to Facebook users.
For example, someone who lives at Agege is much more likely to respond with an ad that uses the word Agege compared to an ad that is generalized to Lagos or Nigeria.

Second, it allows images to be specialized in the same manner.
For exmaple, if there is a popular place at Agege, you could take a snapshot and use it for your ad to attract Agege people. Using an image that correlates with a user’s geographic identity will help increase interest in your ad.

And third, by using the location targeting option, you can create unique ads for each geographic target.This simply means if you have different branches for your business, for instance in Lagos, Abuja & Port Harcourt you can create different ads for those places, targeting these locations.

So that is it for today. Try local targeting and see how it works for you.
If you are confused about the targeting option you can ask questions in the comment section or check this video course here => ufuomadesmond.com

Keep a date with us next week for another targeting option.

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