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Facebook Ads – 6 Powerful Ways to Target Potential Customers With As Low As $5 – Demographics

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Okey Dokey friends! Today, we will be talking about demographics. So today is the Day 2 of the series. Last week, we discussed Location targeting (or Geo-Targeting), which is very powerful especially if you have branches of your business in other parts of the country.

DEMOGRAPHICS? Big English huh? Don’t worry about looking for a dictionary, I will explain. Most Facebook users voluntarily enter important and useful information about themselves at signup and businesses can access these for ad targeting. Some of the most popular information provided includes age, gender, education level, and marital status. This information is known as demographics.

For businesses, this kind of information can really boost the sales of your products and services, by as much as 10X. Before now, most advertisers had to make educated guesses about viewership/readership based on the information the advertising platform provides for them.

For instance, advertisers would put ads on midday talk shows hoping that women would see those ads. Even if women were the biggest group watching the show, there were also many viewers who would not be interested in the product.
For businesses, this meant wasting money by paying for ads to be shown to viewers they didn’t want to target.
Here is a little example; An advertiser pays for an ad slot for a pregnancy product on a tv show on women issues. However, women issues are way bigger than that. And that TV show might have single ladies as their viewers.
So what will happen to the ads when it gets shown? Ignored. And cash wasted on tons of women who are not interested.

With Facebook ad, advertisers can cut out the guesswork and push ads directly toward people who will most likely act on the ads without wasting money, time or effort based on their demographics. This is a major reason why you should not joke with Facebook advertising, my friend. I strongly recommend my FB Ads Course right here

Another day gone by, tomorrow is coming for the next targeting option. So tell me, what do you think of this series? Are you liking it?Let me hear your opinions about it via the comment box. I will be waiting…

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