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Facebook Marketing – 6 Powerful Ways to Target Potential Customers With As Low As $5 – Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences

Wow, so far so good, we have come more than half the way! I trust you are enjoying every bit of the information.
Todays own will be a mind blower. I will be talking about…CUSTOM AUDIENCES.

Have you ever heard of Custom Audience before? Guess you have – but let’s talk a little about it.

Custom audiences are a way for businesses to connect their offline and online marketing efforts with Facebook advertising. In essence, custom audiences allow businesses to take lists that they’ve compiled over the years including email addresses, physical address, and phone numbers and turn that data into a Facebook user ID list for ad targeting.

The principle is that the chances that your offline contacts are online on facebook are great – therefore, creating a list and targeting that list helps them remember their interaction with you.

Sweet! Isn’t it? That means if you have the email address and phones of past
customers, then you can advertise to them using Facebook Ads.

Custom Audiences

Here is how it works…

Facebook takes the list you provide to them and matches it with profiles. While this might not work exactly because some people may not list their information on their profiles and the businesses’ data might be outdated compared to a user’s profile, it generally returns a lot of exact connections.

Facebook Pixels

Recently, Facebook has allowed a newer level of targeting using custom audiences. By using Facebook pixels to track website visitors, you can now track the people who click on your ads to your website and see what they happen to have in common.

This allows you, not only learn which people react to the ads but also learn which types of Facebook users are most likely to become customers and that my friend is an invaluable piece of information.
With this targeting option, you will have the ability to target people that are most likely to buy your products and services. It also allows you if you wish to target current customers to make a return trip to buy more from you.

So let me ask you, do you have a contact list of your current customers?
Then it is time to get them on Facebook, because, with it, you are going to make a killing with the last targeting option I will reveal next week. If you don’t know how to go about it, then get this course first and hit me up via email.

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