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Executing Innovation – How To Bring Great Ideas To Life

Executing InnovationExecuting Innovation

Executing Innovation is how to bring great ideas to life. Ideas rule the world, but Execution is Key! There’s a 99% possibility you have heard these words before – maybe not exactly this same phrase. What you’ve probably heard is ‘ideas rule the world’ but then you have so many ideas yet you don’t seem to be among those who are ‘ruling the world and frustration sets in. The missing piece is ‘Execution’.

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It’s common these days to hear people in Nigeria say they are starting their own businesses. All the motivational speakers tell you, ‘a Big Idea is all you need’. The economy has also made it easier for you to go this path but, do you have all it takes to execute on that ‘Big Idea’?

Statistics show that only 13% of people with ideas actually execute them. This is because, somehow, most aspiring/new entrepreneurs focus on only a fragment of the innovation process – the idea. After the euphoria of having a great idea disappears, they feel stuck and not sure of what next to do.

How can you go from having a great idea to building a great business? The answer lies in execution!
The following Video is a quick help on how to execute just about any idea.

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