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Why Every Company Should Have A Facebook Group Page

Why Every Company Should Have A Facebook Group Page

On a facebook company page, only 8%…8%! of people who “like” your page will see on their TL when you post something new, but, on a group over 50% get notified.

Facebook page posts do not send out notifications, Facebook groups do all the time and guess what? Facebook notifications still has a 90+% ctr, it means when people get notified, they are very likely to click, which means more people will come to your group because they have been notified of new postings or fun stuff happening..

(You can, however, increase the 8% for page by posting great content, consistently, sharing posts and tagging, so more people can deliberately seek out your page and visit).

Facebook groups now (since early 2017) have analytics and stats you couldn’t previously measure.

Facebook is designed to make money – pages are the route, Facebook will bury information on your page, so you can do more ads to get more people to see it, you are constantly encouraged to boost post or advertise so that they can make more money. (It’s science, its algorithm)

Facebook groups are the hacks for that… Facebook is growing its user base on the power of communities, right now “communities are encouraged”. More people in a group tell more people, not on Facebook or not active on Facebook about activities on a group… they come online and get active on Facebook. More people with shared goals/ community will “stay together & be active together” because family.

The Edgerank (Facebook algorithm) hatesssss hashtags.. scratch that, I need to increase font size, edgerank HATES!!! hashtags if you use hashtags in a post especially on a page, you will have drastically reduced the number of people who typically would have seen the post by a high percentage.

Groups encourage interactions, Interactions increases engagement which thus increases every other thing tbh, sales (if you are selling something), growth in number of followers (which will increase impressions and awareness) and at the end of the day – money.

You can start a group and have a page, the group will be for interactions with your clients (a complaints desk/ town hall of sorts).. the page will be like a formal business page, creatively working out a growth strategy with fun contents for both.

Professions like Medicine and Law that can ordinarily not advertise can use group pages.

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Case study:

A lawyer can have a group page where he shares legal tips. Maybe for young Startups, they are allowed to ask questions on things like IP, registrations. He answers, they add friends, share issues, he helps, he is growing a user base.

Thought leadership. Great content. Top of mind awareness.

I have had an idea on how Jason can use an IrokoTV group to grow his user base for a while now.

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Finally, there are automation tools that allow you get details of all the people on your group (for e-mail marketing or for advertising on facebook) and you can then set up look alike audience which improves your ads targeting thus ensuring that your ROI on every ad is increased because you have targeted only interested people.

With these few points of mine I hope I have been able to convince you and not confuse you that a Facebook group is a great hack for growing your Facebook audience.

Eventually, you can later merge Facebook groups and pages together.