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Empowerment: Bank of Industry Call All Trade Associations, Cooperatives and Clubs

BoI Financial Inclusion

Empowerment – The Bank of Industry, Nigeria’s oldest, largest and most successful development financing institution saddled with the mission of transforming Nigeria’s industrial sector by providing financial and business support to large, medium and small enterprises is requesting all trade associations, cooperatives, and clubs to register with it.

The Bank of Industry (BOI) is concluding plans to partner with accredited market associations, trade associations and cooperatives in its financial intermediation schemes. The move is aimed at further deepening its credit delivery process through various stakeholder groups and clusters.

Empowerment: Bank of Industry Calling All Trade Associations

BOI in an initial pilot phase identified forty (40) micro small and medium enterprises (MSME) clusters and is currently evolving a nationwide MSME cluster initiative where specific funds would be directed as appropriate. As such, the institution is developing a master list of registered associations and stakeholder groups.

This is a call to registration for all accredited market associations, trade associations, artisan clusters, market women associations and cooperatives. Registration can be done through any of the following means:
1. Fill out a form OR
2. Call 08149356083, 09057344521 OR
3. Visit any of the 16 BOI state offices to register.

To ensure the success of the financial inclusion initiative, the bank hopes to work with stakeholders to ensure the right criteria for partnership are met. While ventures that access the bank’s facilities are held accountable for credit access.