Direct Web Traffic From Facebook Through Lead Generation

How To Direct Traffic From Facebook To Your Website (Part 2)

How To Direct Traffic From Facebook To Your Website

Last week, I introduced Facebook as a marketing tool to drive traffic to your website. I wrote on the type of content you should post which includes blog links, tips and tricks, success stories, etc.

Today, I will be concluding on the topic by telling you how to generate leads from Facebook and directing it to your website.

How To Direct Web Traffic from Facebook Through Lead Generation

One has to have a need for your product before they purchase it. A lead is someone who has interest and authority to purchase your product. They may be interested and have the means but may not require it at this time or they may not have the means at the moment but would love to purchase your product. These are why nurturing leads are very important.

How To Generate Leads from Facebook

There are two ways to generate leads from Facebook;

  • Direct Leads
  • Indirect Leads

Direct leads are generated by sharing content that links back to a form on your website. This form is used to collect personal information, such as emails and phone numbers, in exchange for an offer such as a free e-book, coupon, etc. These information collected will be used to re-target people.

Indirect leads are generated by using Facebook as a path to make sales. Example, posting content with a call to action to a landing page on your website. Here no personal information is collected.

Here are a few ways to generate leads from your Facebook;

1. Employ a Call-to-Action

CTAs are images, buttons, or messages that make your fans take some sort of action. Using a cover image telling a Facebook fan to visit your website or button on your Facebook page is a good way to generate a lead from your Facebook.

2. Include links with visuals

Take advantage of the fact that photos have more likes than the average post by including links back to your website in the captions. This will give you a higher click through rate than just posting a link.

3. Host a Facebook Chat

A Facebook chat is a virtual gathering of people to discuss a common topic. You can use a Facebook chat to bring fans together around a topic you think they can relate to. Whenever a question asked can be answered with a blog post or page on your website, use the opportunity to share your link.

You can also participate in chats relating to your brand. Answer questions by posting links to your website but avoid spamming people so you will not be kicked out.

Using the methods listed above you can use Facebook to generate leads which you can direct to your website. Make sure you have a way of collecting personal information on your website so that you can reach them directly.

Do you know of any other way to generate leads or direct traffic from Facebook to your website? Please list them in the comment section below.

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