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Build Capacity – Your Business’ Life Depends On It

build capacity

Sometime last year in Port Harcourt, I attended a seminar session tagged #DoItYourself and I picked an illustration which I considered very insightful from the Facilitator.

He said [paraphrase];

You can touch a wrist watch battery as you like and it won’t hurt you because it is low in voltage.
You can touch finger batteries as you like and they won’t hurt you because they are low in voltage.
You cannot touch a car battery same way because, it is higher in voltage and can hurt you.
You won’t even dare a high tension cable because, it will kill you dead (as the RAID advert once said).

What is the single thread running through the different scenarios? Capacity!

My key take-away from the session was; brag less, build capacity! Many of us as are just finger batteries thinking of ourselves as high tension wires.

It is important to note that capacity is not only in terms of a particular skill – you could be a fantastic graphic designer but have a very low capacity for business. We have to pay closer attention to harnessing our skills and potentials all round, how we manage conversations, how we build and leverage networks, how we function in a team, how we communicate, how we collaborate with those with strength in our areas of weakness, and so on.

You see these are the things that make up the sum total of the value placed on us. I could be the best developer in town, but I will be avoided as a plague if I have horrible work ethics and always in feud with clients. There’s no need making this lengthy as I want to believe the point has been made.

Think capacity my friends! Build capacity and see WALLS vanish.

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