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Biztorials Roundup for June 2016

Biztorials Roundup

Welcome to Biztorials Roundup for June 2016. We decided to start a project to present a roundup of amazing posts that graced and other updates from the Small Business world monthly. This is the first edition. You can skip this and go see the video straight.

To a lot of people finding fund to start their dream business is usually a big deal but most times, if you are willing to dare, you might just make a big splash. So goes the story of Funke Preghafi – the CEO of Gifty’s Daughter Cosmetic stores.

At the last count, Gifty’s Daughters has about 4 stores spread across Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt. They recently launched their own Line of cosmetics and are getting ready to launch their online shop. However, nothing in this glamorous story reflects that their first shop ever was actually a bike. Listen as Funke tells the story herself….

For a lot of families and business people, laundry happens to be one of the toughest jobs. Even with your own Washing Machine, it’s still not easy especially when children are in the mix – except you have a dedicated domestic staff to handle this – but how many small & growing business executives can afford a dedicated domestic staff?

Well, Tedmore Express allows you to bring your clothes and bill you in baskets rather than the per-item billing of the regular laundry shops. In fact Tedmore Express is a Laundromat – you can either do it yourself or you are helped but, you are billed per basket and guess what? About N1000 only.

Have you ever been involved in planning an event? You would agree that most times getting a suitable venue is one of the most difficult parts. Though you know a lot of venues, sometimes you just don’t have the time to go around all the venues you know or you can’t even reach your favourite venue to make a reservation – familiar?

Well, not anymore – – a new venue booking platform just launched this June. With venuehero, you can book, pay and use any type of venue for any type of event. Check them out and leave a review.

Nigeria started this year on a low. All the economic indices point to a looming recession unless something is done. As a small or growing business, how do you ensure that your business doesn’t go under? That’s the focus of the article – Recession Nigeria – Is your business Proofed?

Still on recession…
How do you start, survive and grow a business in a turbulent economy? Well, that’s the focus of the article – How to Start, Survive and grow a business in Nigeria’s Turbulent Economy – The article highlights some practical steps you can take. Check it out.

Over to some funding info…
Do you know that it’s easier to get funding from foreign investors if you have a foreigner as your partner or co-founder? This is exactly what the Andela guys did correctly. Lexi Novitske – remember her from #StartupSouth? Yeah, she is the Principal Investment Officer for Singularity Investments – A venture capitalist firm based here in Lagos. She shed more light on this issue in a hangout chat with the team.

Also in June,
Andela – the startup in Lagos that pays people to learn how to code got a massive $24M investment from Mark Zuckerberg and that sparked a whole lot of controversy here in Nigeria. People in Nigeria’s tech eco-system believed that the role of the country in the startup was grossly downplayed by the foreign media who carried the story.

At the peak of the controversy, we dug into out #StartupSouth Archive to replay the video of Iyinoluwa telling the story of how the startup was founded. The dust, however, appears to have settled after Iyinoluwa took to his page to tell a more detailed story of how they started.

Bank of Industry Calling Trade Associations…
Are you a leader of an accredited market associations, trade associations, artisan cluster, market women associations or cooperatives? The Bank of Industry wants you to register in order to make business funding available to your group.

The Bank of Industry is Nigeria’s oldest, largest and most successful development financing institution saddled with the mission of transforming Nigeria’s industrial sector by providing financial and business support to large, medium and small enterprises and they are requesting all trade associations, cooperatives, and clubs to register with it. Head on to and find details.

Board of Directors or Advisory Board?
Ever heard people talk about board meetings? What does a board of directors do? Ok…hang on, do you even need them? Well, your board of directors is an integral part of your business success. They provide strategic leadership and guide – most times out of their various individual experiences – to help your business grow faster.

Hmmm… but do you really need a Board of Director or you should just have an advisory board? Find out the difference in this article – Board of Directors or Advisory Board – Which Do You Need?

In a Celebration mode…
For all music lovers, one startup that played a major role in the recent success in the digital distribution of Nigeria and African music is definitely Back in June, they were in celebration mode as they announced their 10th Year Anniversary celebration. Congratulations once more to the team. Here’s wishing you many more years of success. Read more on them on

And with that, we conclude this episode of Roundup. For enquiries or advertising info, kindly call 08051610019 or email