Before You Re-Build Your Website, Take This Course By @StephObi - Biztorials

Before You Re-Build Your Website, Take This Course By @StephObi

Before You Redesign Your Website, Take This Course by @StephObi

Right now, as you read this mail…I’m somewhere in the clouds. Lol. Not sure of what country I’m flying over…and yet, I just sent you an email.  This is the beauty of technology.

Everything can be automated…you just need to know how to set it up to run automatically. If you know how to do this simple trick, it will save you from so much stress.

Ever wondered how I do the 30 Days Social Media Challenge, without failing? It’s all automated…I’m not superman. I just use technology to make my life easier. Everything that happens to you also happens to me.

I live in Lagos, where the hustle never ends. I’m always on the move or stuck in traffic, sometimes I don’t have light in my house for days and all my devices are dead. Sometimes there is fuel scarcity, I can’t even fuel the generator, and I have tons of work to do. In all of this, I still have to cook, clean, help my parents run errands, name it. I am still like the girl next door.

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The only way I cope is by automating my marketing. One of the things I have automated perfectly is my website.

A lot of people ask me who built my website for me, and I smile because it’s not really about the website designer. I designed it to automate my sales process. I don’t have to speak to someone physically before they can buy my courses.

I can wake up from sleep and find that someone has stumbled on my website, read through all my materials, decided to take a course, and has gone ahead to pay into my business account.

This is my reality.


If you get an expensive website designer to build a website for you without thinking about how your website can help you relieve some of your stress…you have just wasted money. If the website is just there so that you can put the address on your business card, Lol…wait, let me laugh.

A lot of strategy goes behind a successful website, and I find that most times, entrepreneurs can’t articulate what they want. It’s in their heads but they can’t put it together. They can only recognise it when it is done.

Now that’s a problem, and the fight always begins after the website designer has taken the first instalment and is doing “rubbish”.

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It is at this point that people call me to complain.

Most times, it’s not the website designer’s fault…it is a communication problem.

Entrepreneurs and website designers speak different languages. I happen to understand the two languages. My first degree is in Computer Science and I made a First Class. I can be as geeky as the tech wizkid and I can also put on my ibo business woman cap when I want.

I’m tired of reading long emails about a website designer that pissed you off, and hence this July, I’m launching a new mini course…”Entrepreneurs are from Mars, Website Designers are from Venus. A checklist of what to know and do before you hire a website designer”

If you plan to redo your website or get a brand new website, this course is priceless and you will pray for me after you take it. As usual, it will go live on the 15th of July, it costs N5250 and it will expire on the 31st of July 2015.

I’m excited about this one.

In the meantime, I have a video I shot a while ago on how to schedule Facebook Posts automatically, you can check it out here.

Editor’s Note: We like that Stephanie shares the same passion with us – promoting, empowering and encouraging synergy in the smallbiz space. This article “Before You Re-Build Your Website, Take This Course By @StephObi” is an adaptation of her email and we believe that most (if not all) of our audience will find it useful. As usual, you can share your thoughts with us below. She can be reached at

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