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Andela’s CZI Raise and the Identity confusion

Andela's CZI Raise

Andela’s CZI Raise and the Identity confusion.
Andela just announced a Series B funding of $24M with Chan Zuckerberg Initiative CZI leading. This was majorly reported by most of the biggest news outlets.

What would have ordinarily been a major breakthrough for the entire African Tech ecosystem gradually turned controversial and was discussed across online forums in subdued tones. The chief reason being the portrayal (in mostly western media) of Andela as a ‘New York startup with operations in Nairobi, Kenya and Lagos Nigeria’. One of the founders – Iyinoluwa ‘E’ Aboyeji is well known and quite active in the local ecosystem and the story has been that he started Andela and invited the other co-founders.

With this raise, the story seem to have changed with different media outlets giving different versions of the same story – all without mentioning the role of the Nigerian Co-Founder – except for hurried updates after Oo_Nwoye had written an article questioning the slant of the story and the implications for the local eco-system.

In this video clip off the November 2015 #StartupSouth, Iyinoluwa had told a story of how Andela started. We hope Andela or Iyin issues a statement soon to help every other startup founder understand wat transpired and possibly learn from.