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6 Great Ways To Make Sure Your Team Is Always Motivated

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The most valuable part of your company is the people — the human capital. Thus, any plans to move your business forward have to start there.

People often forget that a leader’s job is more than to just shout orders from a corner office. As a team leader,  you have the responsibility to make sure your team members are always motivated and maintain the spirit of enthusiasm among employees.

Here are some ideas on how to motivate your team members;

1. Know your team members:

Know your people beyond prior work history and current responsibilities. You need to know their names at least!

Understand what makes them feel important. Leverage those talents in new ways to keep them inspired, engaged and performing at a higher level.

The entire team will benefit and become motivated to do the same.

2. Pay your people what they are worth:

When you set your employees’ salaries, be sure that their pay is consistent with what other companies in your industry are paying.

Note: 26% of engaged employees say that they would leave their current job for just a 5 percent increase in pay. Don’t lose great people because you’re underpaying them.

3. Communicate with your people:

Defining, developing, articulating, and communicating the vision is very important.

To inspire your team you need a simple, clear, and relevant vision of the way ahead.

4. Take it outside:

Team outings are a great way to facilitate bonding with your team members and reduce employee stress. Outings will give them the chance to get to know one another outside the office.

5. Create healthy competition:

For this purpose, you can effectively use the famous reward system. People contribute their efforts and ideas to the maximum when they know that outstanding excellence will lead to rewards.

Just make sure that the reward system is absolutely transparent to everyone.

6. Offer opportunities for self-development:

The members of your team will be more valuable to your organization, and to themselves, when they have opportunities to learn new skills.

Provide your team with the training they need to advance in their careers. Help them become knowledgeable about the latest technologies and industry news.